Brocade Locket
Brocade Locket Brocade Locket

Brocade Locket

 For the creating of this piece, I use a very special technique called chasing and repousse. It is not stamped out of a mold, but it is rather hand-drawn on the piece by me. Then, I use a series of chisel-shaped tools and a hammer to draw the lines into the metal. Working fromt he back, I use rounded tools to push out the design, creating three-dimensions. The repousse panel is 18K gold sheet surrounded by a blackened silver frame and an asymmetrical filigree accent. The repousse pattern is inspired by the designs found in Chinese silk brocade.

Choice of 18 or 20" chain

1.25"x 1"

Made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


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