My 9/11 Story

My first jewelry design from 2001, a Bodhi leaf, representing
the enlightened mind.
Certainly there are a lot of stories about 9/11 being told right now, in magazines, on the tv, and radio. We all have one. My story relates directly to this business that I have created over the past 10 years. I never publicly made the connection between the event and the start of my business. After all, I lived 1 1/2 miles from the event, and I really didn't want to seem crass, capitalizing on my connection to the tragedy.

Over time, I have come to see that a story like mine can be a source of inspiration. For Americans, and especially those of us in the vicinity of lower Manhattan, this was a singular event in our lives and in our history. However, when it comes to all of humanity, life-altering events are happening every day, whether they are large event thats we all see in the news, or private, unknown traumas. It is really how we chose to respond to them that make up the substance of our lives. We can be buried by them, or we can chose to embrace our fleeting moments, follow our destiny.

By chance, I found an opportunity to share my story in a public way. here is what I wrote for Crain's New York Business about my business and 9/11:


I hope you will be inspired. May we all take whatever comes in life and move forward with purpose.

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