Love Notes


I asked Natasha to make a special piece of jewelry for a very special someone. From the first email I got from her, I knew she was the perfect person to conjure this deeply personal custom creation. She immediately had a crystal clear picture of what I wanted, which was awesome.

But, beyond that, Natasha totally understood the importance of the piece + the style and tastes of the person it was being made for + the love that inspired it in the first place. She went above-and-beyond to make sure every last detail of the piece was absolutely perfect. And it was.

The end result was beyond stunning. I couldn't have been happier. I felt completely cared for during every step of the process. There are a lot of people who make jewelry. But what Natasha does + how she does it is a truly rare thing. Her work goes so far beyond the product itself. Natasha makes exquisitely beautiful pieces teeming with real life magic. Consider me a raving fan
                                                                                                        Fabeku Fatunmise

Bouncing up and down with excitement! My fabulous make-over ring arrived from the amazingly talented and creative Natasha Wozniak...and it's offical...I'M IN LOVE!!!

I had a perfectly 'nice' ring in my safety deposit box that I hadn't worn for donkey's years. Natasha has turned it into something fabulous, personal and truly represents my taste and style. Gonna be wearing it all the time now!

Hubby and youngest daughter both said 'regal' ... and I'm loving that!

Thank you Natasha ... and if anyone is considering a little something for themselves ... just do it!!!

Jacqueline Fairbrass


Jewelry is pretty (shiny!) but way better than just something pretty that I saw in a store or on a website somewhere is the way Natasha's pieces are so perfectly ME. It's like she intuitively taps into who I am and how I would express myself in shape and metal and Ta Da!

The best part was that I had told her to pick the stone she liked the best and when I got the piece it turned out she had "coincidentally" chosen my birthstone - without knowing my birthday. That's what I'm talking about - Intuitive Jewelry Design!!!

Where else are you ever going to get that?

Megan Potter


The thought and care you put into the piece was unparalleled, and comforting. I appreciated your knowledge, experience, and stunning creativity in designing this gorgeous one-of-a-kind piece, as well as your openness to my ideas.

When I opened the box and saw the luminous jewel inside, I was astonished (and there may have been a tear or two). I knew it was going to be an amazing, beautiful, unique piece, but it actually exceeded my expectations. 

Truly, this pendant is magical, and I'm so grateful to be able to wear it.
Rita Zoey Chin

photo credit: 2013 © Sharona Jacobs Photography


Natasha doesn’t simply create jewelry, she makes magic. Her designs are exquisitely crafted, and each piece has a special story behind it that infuses her work with extra power.

Beautiful stones, lush designs - Natasha’s jewels are a mouth-watering deluxe treat for your eyes. Once you put them on, you never want to take them off

                                                                                                                        Erika Lyremark


Natasha doesn't just make jewelry- she makes art and dreams come to life! 

I feel like every piece is perfectly matched for me and inspires my life both inside and out. It carries a story, shines light, inspires color, and powers your visions. It's beautiful and touching. 

Natasha will create you jewelry that is both beautiful AND inspires your soul... Who knew getting dressed could be so magical!?

Laura Hames Franklin



I thought having a custom piece of jewelry created was something I could only dream of.   Natasha was so amazing to work with and took my vision for a sentimental feminine design and turned it into a masterpiece! This piece means so very much to me  Many thanks Natasha for making my vision a reality!    

Anastasia Valentine, Canada



I am lucky enough to own not one, but two pieces of Natasha's jewelry.  I remember the first time I saw her beautiful artwork.  She had designed a ring for a group of women entrepreneurs who connected online and became fast friends.  Natasha took the deepening relationships she witnessed in that group and created a "Tribe Ring" for us.   It reflected beautifully both the bond and brilliance in our group.  I wear that ring with such tenderness.  Needless to say, I had to have another.  About a year later I had the opportunity to visit her studio and see the trappings of an artist in her element.

Sue Ann Gleason



I am honoured to own one of Natasha's pieces, a necklace which she designed and created for me. It is wearable, living art. 

When I put it on I feel like I am stepping up to, stepping into my highest self. You can't feel sad or ugly while wearing her work, it creates magic through you. A tuning fork for your highest good, drawing you towards the best you can be every moment. The pieces are imbibed with Natasha's creativity and grace as well as her loving wishes for you.

She captured my aesthetics, the heart of my business, the work I do, and my joy. The necklace rests over my heart, it arrived in time for my birthday and it is so beautiful. I wish you could see and feel it. It arrived packed in purple tissue and it was waiting for me to don it and dive deeper through my dreams.

Grace Quantock, Wales



I was searching for external help in stepping into my power and when I read that you create special rings, the idea of a public speaking ring came to me. Somehow, you were able to tap into my heart and mind, and know what I wanted. I remember seeing the design of the ring in the sketch, and immediately I thought, “How did you know”?

The first time I wore the ring was when I spoke in New York City. That was the first time that I ever heard anyone tell me, “You belong on stage”. They screamed it from the audience, and that was an amazing experience. One of many magical things that have happened when I wear this ring.

Christina Rasmussen




Worthy of an estate... I never fail to be completely in awe at the quality and workmanship of Natasha’s pieces.  It's not just jewelry, but miniature works of art. I feel pretty when I wear her pieces and the talent and inspiration of this amazing lady continues to overwhelm me.  Thank you so much!!!

 Gigi Klinger



I was so excited when Natasha said she would work with me on a locket. I initially came across her lockets online and loved them from the beginning. As I looked around, nothing compared to the beauty and ingenuity of Natasha's lockets. I am so glad I called her because when I said I wanted to put my friend & soul mate's ashes inside it, she suggested adding a glass cover on the inside to secure them. The piece is perfect and well made. I wear it everyday. I know my friend would have loved it. I can't say thank you enough.

Eva-Marie Hylen








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