The jewelry you wear tells a story...
We are setting off to explore the world of stories, adventure and mystery





"Afet walked swiftly through the sun soaked streets, the air was sticky with the rising heat of the day and tangled with calls of the sellers and hagglers in the near by baazar. Heedless to the world about her, even the vibrant silks clashing violet, viridian, and umber torrents over the traders stall to her right Afet continued on her way, her mind roiling and her heart ill at ease."



"Paris is most beautiful around four am, Madeline discovered. She used to slip out of the shuttered windows and climb down the drainpipe. Street lamps pooled light in the hushed darkness and the trees murmured in the bois as she played; treasuring the power of having a city to herself."




"She had of course from childhood, heard stories of the drumbeats that were so famous at these dances. Talk about how the world shifted and the dancers' ancient souls flared into consciousness, drummed up into being. Fuelling the dance that humans have been enacting from the very beginning, or perhaps just before."


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