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What is a Jewelry Persona?

It represents your dreams, your purpose, and how that is represented through the adornments you choose.

We all contain more than one of these personas, and each can be highlighted at different times for certain purposes. The softness of the Seeker or Poetess for deep intuitive days. The Warrior or Rocker for times that require going all-out.

Curious? Read more below.


The Seeker

She has had her chart read, mediation is part of her daily life, and she has been doing yoga since before it was a “thing”. She radiates good energy and you know that you will always learn something about yourself when you are with her. Some might call her new age, so she likes to share her knowledge with only a few friends, like you.

The Warrior of Beauty

What does being a warrior mean? Well, nothing to do with fighting, but everything to do with being completely committed and not willing to give up on something that is held dear. It also requires the willingness to step out in front. Not an easy task at all. Sometimes raising the white flag of surrender seems like the comfortable path.


The Leading Lady

She walks into the room and people notice. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, she is distinctive, discerning and her attire always includes a remarkable piece of jewelry. It is a point of pride to see her hosting a dinner, or giving a talk on stage.



Your Bohemian Best Friend

You know her for collecting wildflowers  for her kitchen, baking bread and sending you notes on handmade paper. Chrysoprase, tourmaline and turquoise compliment the brightness of her spirit. The fresh styles are a great match for her favorite tunic or silk embroidered dress, and will connect her to all the natural beauty she loves in the world.


The Rocker Chic

She was the one that handed you a cassette of the Clash for the first time, and you know she always has a cool new adventure up her sleeve. Black diamonds, hammered edges. She can wear it to the job, with a subtle nod to the leather jacket she will be wearing as she heads out the door to her favorite music club after hours.


A Maharani

When she comes to mind, you see her in fuchsia silk, with an abundance of gold. Bright colors, succulent spices, intricate designs make up her world. She prefers a raga to Mozart, knows Tagore by heart, and can tell you all about the legends in the Bhagavad Gita.


La Cineaste

Her life is conducted like French cinema. Her coffee has the perfect crème, as poetry spills off of her pen, written in a beautiful cursive. She always has her scarf flung just over her shoulder just so as she composes her photo of a cobblestone street, and she revels in discourse over a glass of Bordeaux.


The Poetess

You cherish the handwritten notes that she still sends in the mail. Her mahogany writing desk is piled with the volumes of the great poets from every land, and there rests her favorite gold-nibbed fountain pen. She has a romantic touch to everything, from her carefully considered words to her lace-edged blouse.



For the Adorned Man

He refuses to adhere to the idea that men should go unadorned, and looks for well-made pieces that strike just the right chord. Whether in a business meeting or biking in the mountains, he sports his signature piece.


 When Only Custom Will Do

Want something completely unique, or customized from an existing style? In a world of mass-produced, something made just for you or your beloved is a standout. Read more about it here, and fill out the form to get started.


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