Custom Design

Are you seeking an unusual or one-of-a-kind piece? You are in the right place. Although custom design may seem like a long and difficult process, I make it easy by doing the work for you. In a few steps, you can have a signature, made-for-you piece of jewelry. Here is how it breaks down

Fill out an informational form. In order to create this custom piece, I need to ask you a few questions. This includes lifestyle, budget, colors, favorite places to travel to and other questions that give me a complete picture of who you are and what jewelry will best compliment you and your life. Pictures and Pinterest boards are a huge help with this! Click here to fill out the form. Custom Design Inquiry Form

Gemstone selection usually comes before the design is created, especially if the gem desired for the piece is unusual, the approach is for me to search among my sources to find the best gem for YOU, and then design around that. I can also use your heirloom or loose gems to create your piece, if that is your wish.

Drawings of the piece. This can take anywhere from one to three rounds, to get all the details just right. You will receive the drawings by email and I will ask for your input on various options for the design. Depending on how much you want to be involved in the process, you can have a say in every detail, or you we can agree on a general design and I will figure out the details. It all depends on you.

The making of the jewelry. After receiving a deposit, I begin ordering the materials, and I go to work in my studio. I will keep you informed through occasional emails with images of the piece in progress. 

You will receive an email from me to let you know that piece will be delivered! Once sent, I look forward to talking with you about the piece and making sure it is just right!


For a Sri Ganesh devotee. This piece went into new territory for me, as it was by far the most detailed carved wax I have ever done, and figurative, no less. The blue wax was cast into gold, and combined with a fabricated throne, and set with rubies.



If you have ever stepped on a stage, to share an important message, you know what a powerful moment it is.

Christina Rasmussen of Second Firsts knows this well, as she gives talks about her revolutionary way of overcoming loss. She felt that I could help her tap into her message and the energy she needs to transmit through a special public speaking ring. 

What resulted was a beautiful process that led to the creation of this ring

There is nothing better than taking something unworn, and making it into something that the owner will wear all the time. In this video, Jacqueline talks about her old ring that was in the safety deposit box and what her new pieces mean to her.


Nathalie works with many prominent clients and she was seeking a ring that could represent her power and stature when she walks into a room. She gave me the guidance that I should seek a pink stone for the ring. After showing her a selection that included sapphires, rose quartz, and pink tourmaline, it was a faceted tourmaline that spoke to her. 

Using silver, gold, and diamonds to accent the tourmaline, she was delighted with her new Signature Ring.



This ring was made for a client that wanted to depart from tradition and have a lovely green stone for her engagement ring. Although she would have chosen an emerald, I suggested a Tsavorite Garnet as a more durable option. The big challenge was finding a Tsavorite of sufficient size for the ring, and I went to many sources to locate this rare gemstone. Eventually, we found this stunning gem, and I created a variation on my Scrolling Flourish Ring, hand-fabricated in platinum in my studio.

This client had a tanzanite already, and was interested in having a pendant made to compliment it. She wanted to see what I would come up with, and I felt very drawn to make a more classical style piece to compliment the stone. I made a series of sketches, and she quickly picked out the bundled plant sketch. She is a master gardener, so the botanical theme was a compliment to her passion for flowers. She enjoys wearing it on a black leather cord whenever she goes to a dinner party, concert, or other social occasions.

Admittedly, Gigi was not looking for a new locket, but when I saw these Persian Turquoise cabochons laid out on my design table, I thought of a locket design for her immediately. She agreed and I created this custom locket, which was inspired by the Tibetan amulet boxes I encountered in Nepal, such as the one in the top right photo.  The photos above are just a sample of the process, so I made a video to show the complete journey from drawing to one-of-a-kind locket.



Palladium and Tourmaline Ring.

 This ring is the client's engagement ring and it is a combination of a classical ring design, with a more unconventional choice of a green tourmaline for the center stone.

This pendant was created for a very special and magical woman in Wales, called Grace Quantock. She left it to me to create the perfect piece for her. She did not know what to expect until she opened the box after it made the long journey to Wales. I was delighted to wake up and see this lovely photo of the necklace that she had taken while wearing it.


Blackened Silver and Rhodolite Garnet men's custom ring

 This client was seeking a very bold signature accessory that he would wear every day. He feels very connected to the vine motif through his Haitian heritage, so the design incorporates this motif, and the gems are special paisley-shaped rhodolite garnets that I had custom cut.









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