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 New York City, 2001  


Just as metal is forged on my anvil to create beautiful jewelry, the start of my business was formed from the force of tragedy. Living 1.5 miles from the WTC on Sept 11th, I nearly broke from the heartbreak of the event. Instead of succumbing to the trauma that I was feeling, I decided to seize my life path as an artist and make the first few pieces of my jewelry collection.


 My soul was soothed by the act of creating amidst the disaster, but the incredible sadness that I felt created a determination in me that the jewelry I was making was not to be just decoration or a luxury item. Rather, it was to have deep meaning for the wearer, and I would try to maintain a positive state of mind while creating it, in order to imbue the jewelry with special power for the wearer. Long after that event, I still think deeply about the ways in which my jewelry can bring love, memory, magic and beauty into the life of the wearer.

In 2015, after the earthquake in Nepal, I found myself sending money first for relief supplies. Then, I made the commitment to rebuild an entire village. Now village 2 and 3 are on the horizon. A new life calling has been born. You can find out more at FundforLamjung.org



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