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The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project is working on behalf of HIV/AIDS orphans in rural Uganda to end systemic deprivation, poverty and hunger through a holistic approach to community development, education, and healthcare.

I was introduced to the project by a dear friend, and as she described the way in which the grandmothers of the Nyaka and Kutamba have organized in order to care for the orphans of the region, I was touched by the love and determination of the Grannies. Actually, I fell deeply in love with these Grannies.

In order to support the mission of The Nyaka AIDS Orphans project, I created two pieces of jewelry that were directly inspired by the culture of Uganda, with the purpose of raising funds for the organization and increasing awareness of the great work they are doing. 15% of the purchase price of each piece will go directly to the work of the organization.

Read more about the organization here: The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project

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