Bodhi Leaf Pendant (in stock)

Bodhi Leaf Pendant (in stock)

A classic design, one of the very first I made when I began designing jewelry. 

The bodhi leaf is an important symbol of Buddhism as the Buddha sat under a bodhi tree to meditate and reach enlightenment. After living in Nepal for two years, my early pieces were drawn from symbols such as the bodhi leaf.

Now that I have started my own fund to help rebuilt an entire village in Nepal, I am reintroducing this piece. A perfect tie between my present and my past.

With each sale, $50 will go to the Fund for Lamjung, which goes towards rebuilding the village of Rainaskot in Lamjung, Nepal.

Fund for Lamjung

terling silver on a brown leather or black rubber cord. Measures approximately 2.75" high

Ships in 1 week

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