Five Elements


There is a story that tells us that everything that ever began in the Universe began with a Circle.

Whether it’s a year, a tree, or You - everything exists because of the Circle.

When the Sages who first told this story decided they wanted to better understand the Universe they began by studying the Circle.  And in their studies they discovered that there were five important points along the Circle.  They decided to name these points after the natural world that they were studying.  

This is how the Five Elements were born: 

Water - the deepest part and where the Circle begins
Tree - the East where the Circle rises
Fire - the peak of Life and the Circle
Metal - the West where the circle falls back towards the beginning, and
Earth - the center that holds the whole Circle

Find your element here.

Within the traditions of Chinese Face Reading and Nine Star Ki Astrology we would even say that the Five Elements can reveal the very blueprint and language of your soul.

Who you are, what fills you up, and the gift you have to bring to the world can all be discovered within the language of your very own elemental nature.

Just like you can wear your birthstone or your astrology sign, thanks to a collaboration between the the beautiful work of Natasha Wozniak and Megan Potter of Limitless Living, now you can wear the symbol of the language of your soul - your elemental power.  We’ve designed these pieces to act as touchstones that can continually bring you back to who you are and all the wonderousness that you (and only you) bring into the world.

Because when each of us stands in our elemental nature we each play our part in completing the Circle that is the Universe as it is right here, right now.


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