The Magic of You

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Hello Tribe,

What?? Tribe?? Well I have to let you in on something, I have started to think of you as a member of my tribe. You see, all signs have been pointing me towards creating something that deeply connects us all together, for which my jewelry is a talisman and a reminder. I have tossed around a few names, something that evokes a mixture of a secret mystical society and the Explorer's Club. I will know it when I find the name, but for now, I just wanted to let you in on my secret.

I recently went to LA for an event called the Instigator Experience. It was designed to help 60 of us bring a bold idea to life, and did it ever deliver on that promise! Beliefs were shifted, paradigms were challenged, and self-doubt exited stage left. 

At one point, I even got up on the stage and declared "Trends are for losers!", as my viewpoint. You can tell I was a rebellious teenager, but under the provocative language lies my true beliefs. Why are trends created? Possibly to make us feel a little insecure about not being up on them? Why would we want to follow them, when we are unique individuals, and we bring our own special mix of talent, experience, and beauty to the world? 

Jewelry is one of humankind's earliest inventions. We were already adorning ourselves with feathers and rocks when we were just learning to tame fire. That ancient instinct is a far more compelling topic than a trend report. Jewelry as talisman. Jewelry capturing the Magic of You. I want to feel you when I look at that piece of jewelry, and not just know that read you Vogue magazine.

This was a lot of philosophy, so for dessert, I am including some of the photos that I have been sharing from my studio lately:
-Lisa Fabrega (we met at the Instigator Experience), shared this photo of herself, wearing her new necklace on a day that she presented at a conference, as there is  a photo I took of the necklace at my studio-

-Some recent custom pieces. Absolutely delicious yellow and rose gold rings with various gems, and a very bold and unusual setting of diamonds in platinum.-

-Finally, I am trying my hand at some simple stone-cutting with the malachite, and Brooklyn is in full bloom!-

A Bittersweet Day

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Today is a very bittersweet #tbt This is a picture of my father, when he was a boy. Today, he would have been 74 years old, but we lost him at age 49.

Today is also the birthday of my older brother, and I know that for my dad, that was one if his very happiest days. His first child, arriving on his birthday.

Some of the very best lessons that I learned from him were to treat every person with gentleness, to not be afraid to show people who you really are, and I have the same passionate interest in a wide variety of topics.

At his funeral, I met people that had worked on the factory floor that he managed, 15 years before, that never forgot his kind nature.

Before he died, he was about to start a business, helping small business owners learn computers so that they could manage everything better. In 1989.... I would consider that visionary. 

I miss him so much, and am driven to continue his gentle ways, and to approach my work with the same mix of creativity and vision that he had.

Icon/ Iconoclast

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{Icon/Iconoclast} Years ago, I was walking down Lafayette St. in NY, probably on my way to bellydance class, and I saw some posters. Ads for Airwalk, skateboarding sneakers. There were portriats, and under each one was the word "Iconoclast". 

It struck me, was I an Iconoclast, or did I want to be an Icon? Yes, you can be both (eventually), but I felt like I did have to make a choice, set an intention towards one or the other.

I looked up the definitions.

Icon:: a person who is very successful and admired (sounds great, right?)

iconoclast: : a person who criticizes or opposes beliefs and practices that are widely accepted (oh, the rebel, not so safe, and a chance of never being successful and admired)

Who wouldn't want to be the first? Of course. Yet, the second, it made my heart race a bit, but it is a bit dangerous and a part of me just wanted that simple success and admiration.

The question rolled around in my mind for years. Every once in the prickle of "icon or iconoclast" would buzz into my mind. 

Just the irritation of the question, that now tells me that I am to follow the path of iconoclast. I am just a bit intense and edgy, not an easy fit for an icon. 

Icon/ Iconoclast 

Transformative Experiences

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My first experience of transformation, I did not ask for. It was the loss of my father at age 13. 

Later, I began to seek out these transformative experiences. The kind that take you and shake you up in ways that you cannot predict or expect. The kind that leave you reeling, yet change you in ways that you are later grateful for.

This picture is from one of those transformative experiences. It was my second time living in Nepal. As a young newlywed, no less. Because sometimes I like all of the changes at once. 

You can't take a a young Midwestern girl, put her in Nepal, and have her come back anything but a little off-kilter. I still never touch people with my foot, and can eat curry with my hand as well as anybody. I also had a new view of love and marriage after seeing arranged marriages up close.

Since a favorite phrase in Nepal is "ke garne", which means "what to do", I had to learn patience and how to complain a lot less. 

Most of the things I learned and saw were indescribable. I tried, telling long elaborate narratives describing customs and ceremonies and conversations, but there is something there that can never be expressed. Much to the frustration of the listener and me.

I am thinking of my time in Nepal.I have been missing it. Maybe there is another transformation for me there, or perhaps I am to help others transform.

I just had another one of these experiences in LA this weekend, and I am wise enough to know that it cannot be articulated. The changes will be evident, and I am grateful to those that shared it with me. Together we know "this really happened".#instigatorexperience #instigatorla

Year of the Wood-Horse

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Wood-Horse Themes Pendants

Wood-Horse Themes Pendants by natashajewelry featuring wall art

Three weeks ago, walking down the Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, a package in my hand, I felt the buzz of my phone in my pocket. Stepping over a snow pile, I glanced at a message from a good friend and client asking me when I was going to make my pendant for the year of the Wood Horse.

My reply? I am not good at animals, I don't think I can carve a horse. She pressed me a bit, and after I got home, I got out some animal photos. Maybe it was worth investigating. Perhaps I would be inspired. Then, she added the idea of incorporating the branches of a tree into the horse to represent the wood element of the year, and I got a little excited.

As you can see, in the photos, the drawing quickly progressed to a wax, which I then had cast. On the back is the character for "horse" in Chinese calligraphy. 

She ordered the pendant for a special secret purpose, but now I can reveal the pendant, and offer it to you.

This year promises some wild, galloping energy, and this is a talisman to help you be clear if it is time to go, run, with your hair streaming behind, or if you are galloping in the wrong direction. 

You can find the pendant here.

In the Mood for Love

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Unrequited longing.
Impeccable style.
Quiet turmoil.
Stolen moments.
Rich color.
Broken hearts.

This is the film, In the Mood for Love by Wong-Kar Wai. 

Shanghai, 1930's, In the Mood for Love

Shanghai, 1930's, In the Mood for Love by natashajewelry featuring a jade bracelet

Black pumps


Couture on Demand


Lapis for Communication and a Jewelry Box Remodel

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 As I mentioned a while back, I received a small parcel of lapis from Afghanistan, and I learned that lapis is a stone of clear communication, especially when worn on the neck. This would be a great choice for someone that is drawn to public speaking or has to speak as a consultant.

Three of the pieces of lapis have been claimed for custom design, but I have four left, pictured above, so if you feel a pull to have a piece made, please reach out. All of the women that are having a piece made are remarkable and have an important gift to share with the world. Maybe you are one of them too?

Here is one of the pieces that I completed yesterday:

Jewelry Box Remodel

I also want to share another recent piece, something that was created from what I like to call a Jewelry Box Remodel. I used the client's old gold pieces (can you spot the 18K gold sombrero?), to help her create a new, unique ring.

l to r: the scrap metal, the wax model for the ring, after casting in gold, the ring after setting on my finger and off

She came to me with a ring from her mother that needed a companion, and together we came up with a very contemporary design to go with the vintage band. By using a matching style of stone-setting we could create a nice blend of new and classic.

She now feels connected to her mother, with her own version of the center ring, and we have a circle of the three of us coming together in the form of this ring.

Not just diamonds and gold, is it?

If you have a bunch of unworn jewelry, and you feel the time has come to clear it out, I can help you decide what to do with the metal and gems. In-person appointments are available in NYC, or we can do this by mail/ email. Let me know how I can help

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