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Americans are notorious for working more than any other country. I definitely fall into line on that, and being a New Yorker and having my own business takes me to whole other levels of all work and no play.

Considering this, it may surprise you to find out about me lingering over coffee or (gasp), a bottle of wine in the middle of the day. How did this come to happen? Well, one of my oldest friends was married in Portugal, and this brought me to a very relaxed country, where the natural warmth of the Portuguese people let me peel away some of the hardened layers. The story of her wedding is also very heart-warming..I wrote about it in my blog.

After the wedding the next few days were spent in Lisbon, navigating the steep and narrow streets that wind around the seven hills of the city. A few people mentioned that Lisbon is like San Francisco, but I was also reminded of Kathmandu, with the narrow streets, old buildings, and the sounds of family life. We stayed in an apartment in Alfama, the oldest part of Lisbon and every night we would catch the #28 Tram up the hill. Here is a video that I found from inside the #28. I loved the way that the city had a sense of worn grandeur about it.

It was a great rest before things kick into high gear for the last two months of 2011. I also found a gallery in Lisbon that would like to represent my work. It happened to be right behind the apartment we stayed in! Even with all the wandering and espresso drinking, I still did some business, and I am excited about having my first gallery outside the United States.

Microfinance Fundraiser Event

Next Tuesday, November 1st, I am going to be attending a fundraiser for microfinance, and some of my jewelry will be offered by silent auction, all in support of Accion. I love Accion and they have been a source of funding and mentorship for me.

Microfinance Harvest Festival

6:30-9 PM

ING Cafe

968 3rd Ave, NYC

Upcoming Events in San Francisco and New York:

San Francisco,  November 10th 3-6PM

In-store appearance at Manika Jewelry

New York, December 10th-11th

Winter Jewelry Show at the 23rd St Lofts

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