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Posted on March 14, 2013 by Natasha Wozniak | 2 Comments

 It happens to be my 15th anniversary today, but I am writing to you about another love story.

Back in Racine WI, I went to high school with Kelly Voss. Three years ago, I was in Colorado, where she was living, and we had a quick breakfast. She was very excited about a non-profit that she had started  working with, the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Foundation, based in Uganda.

When we met, we talked about how I might help the organization and it was over a dinner in New York City that the seeds for inspiration were planted.

You see, in this region, the Grandmothers have stepped up to create a community in which the orphans can thrive. They have created new families, and care for children that may or may not be related to them.

With 91 groups, they each have distinctive personalities, weaving their own style of baskets, and creating their own method of getting things done.

As she was telling me these stories, I fell in love with "the Grannies", and the kids that they care for. I wanted to do something really special to support them.

The next time we met, I told Kelly that I wanted to design special pieces to help raise funds for the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project. Designs that are inspired by their culture and their baskets. Jewelry that would give the wearer an opportunity to talk about the Nyaka Grannies and the amazing work that the organization is doing.

Pictured below are the first two Nyaka Collection Designs, which I am so excited to present to you. 15% of the price of each piece will be donated to the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project:


Click on each piece to read more about the inspiration and what the donation will provide for the people of Nyaka.

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