Jewelry and Job Interviews

Posted on October 19, 2011 by Natasha Wozniak | 0 Comments


Heading to a job interview soon? If so, I hope you land your dream job!

In the jewelry business, we talk a lot about stones, metals, etc. Too much, probably. When the reality is, you are wondering what will make you look good. Also, what is the jewelry going to communicate? This is particularly true in high-pressure situations such as job interviews, first dates, and auditions. 

Yesterday, when my Twitter feed delivered up this article, quoting fellow New York jewelry specialist Jennifer Gandia of Greenwich Jewelers, I had to share. This article is giving tips for the hiring person to figure out what kind of person they are interviewing from their jewelry, but I think the job candidate can learn a lot too. 

 Are you looking for an executive position, a spot in the creative department, or something on the financial side? Does the jewelry you own reflect that? Does your jewelry match what you think you want to do? I will be interested in hearing your answers!

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