Lessons from the Desert

Posted on January 10, 2012 by Natasha Wozniak | 0 Comments


Lessons from the Desert


Happy New Year!

Yes, I had a little vacation in the desert for the holidays. I go there every year to spend time with my mother and stepfather, and I get the chance to be connected to things besides my computer and my smartphone.

My cousin and her husband took us on a major hike, which involved passing over a couple of mountain ridges, bushwhacking through cacti (ok, so there was a reason everyone looked at me weird when I decided to wear a skirt), and the moment that I though a cactus was a tree branch...noticing right as I was about to grab it for support.

While I love cities through and through, it is really important for me to connect with the rugged natural world,the origin of my materials. In Arizona, it is possible to find turquoise speckling a rock used as gravel. I also spotted plenty of quartz, which I have been using as softly tumbled beads combined with handmade chains.


City girl in the desert!


I look forward to connecting with you in 2012. I have a couple of new collections that I will be unveiling in the next months. I am also putting together some great guides to jewelry buying and care to share with you.

Thanks for reading!

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