Lapis for Communication and a Jewelry Box Remodel

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 As I mentioned a while back, I received a small parcel of lapis from Afghanistan, and I learned that lapis is a stone of clear communication, especially when worn on the neck. This would be a great choice for someone that is drawn to public speaking or has to speak as a consultant.

Three of the pieces of lapis have been claimed for custom design, but I have four left, pictured above, so if you feel a pull to have a piece made, please reach out. All of the women that are having a piece made are remarkable and have an important gift to share with the world. Maybe you are one of them too?

Here is one of the pieces that I completed yesterday:

Jewelry Box Remodel

I also want to share another recent piece, something that was created from what I like to call a Jewelry Box Remodel. I used the client's old gold pieces (can you spot the 18K gold sombrero?), to help her create a new, unique ring.

l to r: the scrap metal, the wax model for the ring, after casting in gold, the ring after setting on my finger and off

She came to me with a ring from her mother that needed a companion, and together we came up with a very contemporary design to go with the vintage band. By using a matching style of stone-setting we could create a nice blend of new and classic.

She now feels connected to her mother, with her own version of the center ring, and we have a circle of the three of us coming together in the form of this ring.

Not just diamonds and gold, is it?

If you have a bunch of unworn jewelry, and you feel the time has come to clear it out, I can help you decide what to do with the metal and gems. In-person appointments are available in NYC, or we can do this by mail/ email. Let me know how I can help

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Big moments of 2012

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Wishing you a great year in 2013

Now is the time of the year that plans for 2013 are being put into place. Before the calendar changes, I want to go back and share some of my big moments of 2012, both business and personal.

#1 I shared the story of my father

Losing my father at a young age, and starting on my path as an artist and jeweler were directly related. It was difficult for me to share such a personal story with the world.

This year, I decided to let everyone see the real me. You can read it on my blog here. Big thanks go to Christina Rasmussen of Second Firsts for encouraging me to share.

#2 I learned to trust my intuition in the custom design process

Speaking of Christina, she was one of the clients that I worked with using a more intuitive approach to custom design. I looked at her photos, and came up with this design without asking her many questions.

She was very surprised to see the drawings, in which I captures her deep affinity for the ocean. She now wears this ring when appearing as a public speaker, and it helps her connect into the power of her message.

#3 Visiting Japan

After many years, I returned to Japan to visit my husband's family. We began in Tokyo, stayed in a small town beneath Mt. Fuji, went west to Osaka and his ancestral town. We then took a tour around the Izu Peninsula, famed for hot springs. Somehow, I ended up as the designated driver!

In between all of the visits to family and friends, we took a day to visit one of my favorite cities, Kyoto. Pictured above is the Kiyomizu-dera temple, perched atop the hills that surround the city.

Every time we visit Kyoto, we seriously consider taking an extended sojourn in this elegant city.

#4 I Earned My First Cord in Capoeira

When I am not in the studio creating, I like to move.

After recovering from an injury last year, I began studying the Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira.  Above you can see me training with another member of my group. called Grupo Ginga.

Similar to karate and other martial arts, we have a ranking system in our school of capoeira, which are cords instead of belts. In October, I received my first cord in capoeira. 

As any martial artist can tell you, it is a source of great energy and lessons for life outside of training. Here is the website for my group.

#5 My Business Mastermind

If you aren't familiar with a mastermind, it is a group of people that band together for mutual support, exchanging ideas and holding each other accountable.

There are masterminds run by famous business coaches, charging big bucks. This mastermind was self-generated by all of the lovely women in the photo, who have a huge range of skills.

It is my wish for everyone to have their own mastermind, to help them stay on track in life, and have all of the support they need.

#6 10,000 Small Businesses Program sponsored by Goldman Sachs and Tory Burch Foundation.

The 10,000 Small Businesses Program sponsored by Goldman Sachs has already graduated 7 classes of business owners. All of them businesses that have employees and substantial revenue.

This year, Tory Burch decided to have her Foundation co-sponsor the first class of all-women businesses, many with no employees yet.
It has been a great challenge and an inspiration for me to be part of this class of incredible women. The course is challenging me in many ways about how I can grow my business.

There are some big opportunities ahead of me, and I now know how to lay the proper groundwork for big success. 

What were your big moments of 2012? I hope you will take some time to reflect on some of the great things that have happened this last year, because even in the toughest years, we can find something to celebrate, and accomplishments to acknowledge.

Talk to you again in 2013!


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Jewelry Show- Live in NYC

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Looking at pictures on the web is great, and it is wonderful to be able to share my work with fans all over the world. However, we all know that seeing jewelry in person is when the real magic happens. Next week, I will be presenting my work in person in NYC. Not only that, but it will be in my favorite venue, a beautiful sun-filled loft on 24th st.

What can you do when you meet a designer/ maker in person?

  • Try on the jewelry and talk about how and when to wear it

  • Ask about changing the size, scale or color to suit you perfectly

  • Get your ring size

  • Dream up some fantasy custom design projects

  • Ask about having family heirlooms made into new pieces

  • Find out about the inspiration for your favorite pieces

  • Learn about taking care of your jewelry

  • And of course, pick out a piece of jewelry, made with love, soul and intention for yourself or someone you love.

We have so many things to talk about.  Join the conversation…

April 28 11-6
April 29 12-5
148 W. 24th St, 9th floor
New York City


Can’t make it to New York that weekend? If you know a group of women that are stylish and live on their own terms, perhaps we could organize an event together and I will come to your city. Send me an email to start the discussion.

Spring Cleaning Sale ends next week.

In case you missed it, I have been clearing out some of my styles from my beloved first collection. It has been a great run, and I have sold out of many styles. I will be ending the sale on Thursday, April 26th, so if you have had your eye on something, go ahead and get it now before I take it off the site to make room for some new pieces that have been in the works

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Custom Jewelry Guide Part 2- Selecting Gemstones

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Here is the second video in my series, in which I explain the process of selecting gemstones for custom pieces. If you want to check out the book I mention, here is a link to it on Amazon.

To join my mailing list, click this link:

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Custom Jewelry Guide Part 1- The Budget

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Here it first video in the Custom Jewelry Guide. This series will take you through all of the steps in creating a custom jewelry piece. Please make sure to comment if you have any questions about custom jewelry. I will respond in a future video.

Also, to be informed when a new video comes out, make sure you sign up for my mailing list below!

Want to learn from a jewelry insider? Sign up below:

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Romantic Projects

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Claire and Georg, celebrating their engagement

I am often incredibly touched by the stories that accompany the gifts of jewelry that I make. Sometimes, the jewelry is a physical aspect of the most beautiful aspects of being human. It was my honor to be part of one of those very special stories this spring.

Claire is a friend from way back. In fact my parents have been friends with her parents since we were infants. Claire and I became close in high school, when a year in between grades becomes a little bit less significant. We often spent time together watching movies followed by eating diner sundaes. After I moved to New York, I was delighted when Claire followed a few years later, becoming a teacher in the NYC school district. We now live a ten minute walk from each other in Brooklyn.

Besides being a very dedicated teacher, Claire is also a very talented photographer, with a specialty in street photography. Her portfolio is on flickr, and she has some amazing photos there. Really, check out her photos.

Through the photography community, Claire had the good fortune to meet Georg, another talented photographer. After admiring each others' photos, it came to be that Claire and Georg met, when he visited NY from Germany, and they also fell in love with each other! This is such a wonderful turn of events, that I get watery-eyed even writing about it.

I was so honored and delighted when I received a message that they had become engaged, with a request for me to make a suitable engagement ring. I immediately thought of the ring shown above, mostly due to a ring that Claire loves to wear, passed down to her by her mother, and this ring leads to yet another layer of this family story.

Claire's mother, Paula is from Portugal, and her father is from Germany. They met while studying English in London. After meeting, Paula left to work in Mozambique, and Claire's ring is a memento of her mother's time in Africa. While she was in Africa, she was writing to Paul, and they had their own long-distance love story. Eventually, they were reunited, married and moved to my hometown of Racine, WI.

Paula is possession of gold British imperial coins, which were passed down to her by her relatives, so I was requested to make the ring the ring out of this gold and I readily agreed. As the coins very high karat gold, when I made the recipe for the gold for Claire's ring, I had the choice to make a redder color of gold, matching the color of the ring from Mozambique.

With all of these various strands coming together, as they do for all couples, making wedding bands is a wonderful things indeed!

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