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 As you go about your week, what earrings are you wearing? Do you have a "go-to" pair of earrings that you absolutely love? This is an essential part of every wardrobe, a nice pair of earrings that can be worn every day, in many situations.

Even if they are small or subtle, they should reflect your style 100%. Carefully chosen, they are a purchase of great value, giving you much more impact than a coat or a pair of shoes as they are worn year-round and don't wear out.

Below, I have featured earrings that work very well as that everyday, go-to pair, just  added on my site. They reflect a variety of lifestyles and fashion you see your pair?

Diamond Triangle Studs

Do you work at a law firm, but love to catch a local band after a long day working on cases?
When you are ready to head out the door with your leather jacket on, these unusual black diamond earrings, cut from triangular diamond crystals, are your go-to earrings.

Glam Primal Stud Earrings

Spending the day in clients meetings and want them to feel that you are polished, yet full of style?
Faceted peridot gives that glamorous touch, while the blackened bezel signals your confidence in doing things your own way

Moonstone Droplets

Are you taking a break from your book proposal to have a cup of tea outside, letting the fresh air rejuvenate you?
Imagine these rosecut moonstones dangling from your ears, flashing blue and with facets sparkle in the light...very magical.

Tourmaline Slice Earrings

Is Friday night out for you a restorative yoga class, where you can be immersed in the relaxation and community?
Perhaps these pink tourmalines, with their bright color and irregular shape, reflect your relaxed approach to life and joyful spirit.

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Wrought Collection


It is very common for the word wrought to be paired with iron. It appears that my work may be wrought iron, since it is often blackened and inspired by wrought iron. However, by seeing the definitions below, it appears that wrought applies not only to iron, but many materials (and even essays). My purpose is to evoke the beauty of wrought iron, but to express that the jewelry is wrought with my hammer. I think that definitions 1, 2, and 4 definitely apply, and I hope that definition 5 also applies.

Definition of WROUGHT

1: worked into shape by artistry or effort <carefully wrought essays>

2: elaborately embellished : ornamented

3: processed for use : manufactured <wrought silk>

4: beaten into shape by tools : hammered —used of metals 

5: deeply stirred : excited —often used with up <gets easily wrought up over nothing>

"wrought." 2011. (July 3 2011)

Wrought Panel Pendant

silver and 18K

Click to the Wrought Collection above to have a look at more "Wrought" pieces!

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