10 Years Ago

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Flashback to 10 Years Ago...

Hunched over the hotpot dish at the local Vietnamese restaurant, I could barely keep my head up to eat. I was so tired, with so much more work to finish. This memory of Thanksgiving came back to me this weekend, as I enjoyed a lovely day off on Thanksgiving and interspersed my work with other social events.  I definitely got enough rest. This memory, though it sounds a little sad, is one I fondly remember. I was just beginning this journey of my business, making the first few pieces of my collection, putting in the first of the many hours of work that it takes to build a business. 

As I mentioned earlier this fall, it was the tumultuous and traumatic events in lower Manhattan 10 years ago that launched me on my trajectory, gave me the courage to strike out on my own. By Thanksgiving weekend, I was holed up in my apartment, pulling together a small collection of designs to show at the upcoming Holiday Sale at the Craft Students League. In the end, I had about 5 designs. When I picked up my first bag of castings, I nearly fainted when I found out the bill was $500, and every single step of the making process took me eons to complete. I could never have guessed how much metal would pass through my hands in the next ten years, not to mention the rare and valuable gems that I would have the pleasure of working with.

At that first sale, I put the pieces right down on the tablecloth on the folding table. The leaf and the Tibetan cloud earrings, with matching pendants on leather cords, the flower pendant with a cabochon in the center, and a couple strands of handmade rosary chain with turquoise. I give eternal thanks to the handful of people that made purchases that day. If they had not appeared at the moment, who knows if I would have moved on to the next step?

relaxed environment of 24th st lofts

24th St Lofts Jewelry Show and Sale


December 10th 11-6
Deccember 11th 12-5
148 W. 24th St. (between 6th and 7th)
9th Floor, NYC

So here, I find myself, 10 years down the road, and I want to celebrate! To mark the 10th anniversary of that modest start, I am inviting you to celebrate with me. On December 10-11th, I will be exhibiting at the bi-annual show at the 24th st lofts with several other jewelers. We always provide wine and snacks in a relaxed atmosphere, but I am going to add some special things, including a giveaway!

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