How to Ship Jewelry

Posted on May 23, 2013 by Natasha Wozniak | 0 Comments

Tips for Mailing Jewelry

I know I look happy going to the post office in this picture, but later today, I have to go to file a claim for a lost package. It is a totally replaceable piece, so not a huge deal, but that is because I insured it!

Here are my top suggestions for mailing jewelry. I know this is a little bit dry and not that exciting, but I want to make sure you that you don't lose any of your jewelry needlessly.

*Insure it! I have mailed thousands of packages with jewelry, and very few are lost, but when one goes missing, I am always happy to have insured it.

If you don't know how much it is worth, ask for help determining replacement value before sending.

For USPS packages, the insurance limit for Express Mail and Priority Mail is $5000, within the US. For packages up to $25,000, there is Registered Mail. That is a very, very safe option, but look up the details of how the box needs to be prepared before going to the post office.

Having some photos or notes about the content will help you in the rare event of having to make an insurance claim.

*Choose the right service I generally choose USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate boxes for shipping. The post office provides the box, the insurance covers up to $5000, and it gets there fast. 

UPS can be much more pricey, but they offer excellent tracking as your box goes through their system.

Fedex specifically excludes jewelry and precious metals from their insurance, even if you pay extra for it. Unless you have a separate insurance policy for the jewelry, AVOID FEDEX!

*Use a rigid box. As I mentioned, I really like the small Priority Boxes. You can use a padded envelope, but with a box inside to protect the jewelry when it goes through the sorting equipment. 

I do not recommend using a paper envelope, either to hold the jewelry loose or to hold a box with jewelry. Either of these can easily puncture a paper envelope, even the rigid Express Mail envelope, allowing the contents to slip out.

*Never write "jewelry" or jewelry-related words on the package. This can call unwanted attention to the contents of the package and increases the risk of loss.

Ok, you made it through! If you are ever unsure of what to do when sending your jewelry, please don't hesitate to ask, I am happy to help



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