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Posted on June 14, 2015 by Natasha Wozniak | 0 Comments

In my last message, I introduced my latest project, rebuilding a village in Nepal.

The great enthusiasm with which I committed to my part of this project ( took even me by surprise. 

However, looking back on the influnece that Nepal had on my work, the depth is undeniable. I lived there at an age when I was just developing my voice as an artist, and a little bit of Nepal is infused into everything that I do, even if it isn't immediately obvious.

Even though it hasn't been very long since the earthquake, since I began fundraising, since I decided to be part of the rebuilding team, I have already had many requests to combine my jewelry with the fundraising efforts.

So, I present to you, three pieces, with a portion of the price going to Nepal. One is a completely new piece, the elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacles. I declare him the icon of this project as we hope to proceed with very few obstacles!

You can see the three pieces below, with all the details of the Nepal inspirations and the donations connected to each piece.

Ganesha Pendant

Here is the magnificent Ganesha. For anyone starting a new path in life or a new project, he is the first to give offerings to. 

The piece was hand carved by me in my Brooklyn studio, but my skills were learned as a Fulbright scholar in Nepal, learning under the world-renowned statue makers of Patan.

$65 of the $365 purchase price will go directly to house construction, through my own 

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I call this pendant the Bahini Pendant, because Bahini is the Nepali word for little sister. 

It was originally designed for the organization 50 Cents. Period, run by my friend Lorrie. They normally work with women and reproductive health.

The pendant design is inspired by decorative designs on fabric and in jewelry in Nepal.

Now, 50 Cents. Period is the fiscal sponsor of Fund for Lamjung (meaning they take care of accounting and filing non-profit tax forms for us), and they are also doing relief work in the hard-hit Sidhupalchowk district.

For each Bahini pendant sold, I donate $50 to 50 Cents. Period for their Nepal relief efforts.

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Bodhi Leaf Pendant
This leaf is from the Bodhi tree, is a symbol of Buddhism. The Buddha, who was born in Nepal, was meditating under this tree when he achieved enlightenment.

This piece has personal significance too, as it is the first piece I created in my jewelry collection, in the 2001, in the wake of 9-11, as I prayed for peace in enlightenment in this world.

I decided that this moment was the time to bring it back, in the wake of another disaster that feels personal to me.

$50 from each pendant will go to my rebuilding project, Fund for Lamjung.

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