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I have had a variety of custom pieces lately, that I have put my heart and soul into. Pieces that give me such a strong connection to the owners of the pieces, as I worked intensely on them to make sure every detail fit them perfectly. In an inner and outer kind of way. 

One of the designs, I actually suggested to the client. He is a big fan of Ganesh and I just knew he needed a gold and ruby Ganesh. He enthusiastically agreed and there may have been some yelling for joy when the package arrived. 

Another client had been given a tennis bracelet with aquamarines, which was totally unremarkable. The stones became totally transformed in this cuff that features a box clasp. She had the old bracelet in a safety deposit box. Now she can wear it to conquer the world, and paired with the Valkyrie Wing Ring, it becomes even more powerful.

My spot on my site to request your own custom piece is here.

There is more though. and this isn't about jewelry.....

In case you haven't seen what I have been up to via social media, the last few weeks have been a bit of a strange adventure. Starting with $300, Western Union and some supplies on a train in India.

Let me back up a bit. It was 20 years ago that I went to Nepal as a 19 year old student. My first time out of the country. In the early part of the year, I went to a village in Lamjung for the fall festival. I fell head over heels in love with Nepal, this village, and this family that hosted me. Here is a picture of us together at that time.


I always dreaded the day that I might hear that an earthquake had hit Nepal. What would I do, how would I help, would I be able to step up as a true friend to Nepal? 

This is the country where I learned so much about how to love your fellow humans. As this family and many others had loved me, a stranger, without reservation.

I have my answer now. I have committed to help an entire village get rebuilt. 

In the days after the earthquake, before this was clear, I talked to a younger member of this family from the village, Bibek. He was on his way from India, back home to Lamjung to volunteer with some people he had worked with before, so I decided to send $300 so he could buy supplies.

It turned out that my friends also wanted to send some donations in this manner. He now has bought and distributed hundreds of tents and tarps, medicine, food, and even some tin roofs to villages that have not received any supplies yet. 

Even as he was doing that, he was asked by the district coordinator to start a plan to rebuild an entire village.
We have been scrambling to get proposals together, contact engineers, finalize the design and cost of each house, overcoming the hurdles of sporadic wifi and limited means of communication.

Even when Bibek's own house fell down in the very large aftershock this week, he carried on. (pictured below)
​Bibek's house

He has assembled a team on the ground in Nepal while I have secured a non-profit sponsor here in the US,and moved from the temporary fundraising page to a new website, a home big enough to house our much bigger project.


We have $2000 ready from the total of $4000 in donations we have received so far, and we will be able to build our first new house with that fund. A great start! 

 have a jewelry business, I am building a village in Nepal. I don't really know how these two things are going to fit together, but I felt strongly that I should share>

My heart is full with all of these things. The art and the mission. I hope your heart is full too



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