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Seeing the jewelry on the red carpet at the Golden Globes last month, and with the Oscars
just around the corner, I felt the urge to make something with plenty of sparkle. I had just
picked up some gleaming top-faceted quartz, and I remembered some beautifully cut,
glittering rhodolite garnets and amethyst I had tucked away in the studio. I got to work,
and then something cool happened . . . .

My client Lyn is a top-notch camera-person with the Emmys on her shelf to prove it.
When I tell you she lives in New York and they’re flying her to L.A. (not known for a
shortage of camera expertise) to work at the Oscars, you’ll see just how sought-after she
is. Look for the tight long shots on Oscar night, because that will be Lyn’s camera, and
the particular skill she’s known for. (And if mastering one field weren’t enough, she also
happens to be a gifted sculptor, making delightful and skillfully composed sculptures
out of found objects, one of which you can see here.

When Lyn asked if she could borrow some special pieces to wear to the Oscars, of course
I said yes!

I’ve dedicated the past decade to mastering my craft, and I’m honored to make
jewelry for women who are masters of theirs. Last month, I wrote about playwright and
screenwriter Theresa Rebeck, who’s making huge waves with her new show, “Smash.”
Like Theresa, Lyn is doing amazing behind-the-scenes work in a male-dominated field.
That doesn’t mean she won’t be done up to the nines on Sunday night, though, with
my jewelry as the finishing touch. (And unlike most of the actresses, she’ll actually be
wearing a necklace.)

Lyn knows there’s no contradiction between running a high-tech camera and
looking fabulous while doing it. And while she can’t exactly wear her Emmys around
her neck, one look at her on Oscar night and you will know that she is in control and in

Lyn at rehearsal for the Academy Awards Ceremony

What about you? Do you have a shelf full of shiny statuettes, or has the award category

for what you do not even been invented yet? Whatever field you’ve chosen to master, the

next time you deserve an award, I hope you’ll celebrate yourself with a piece of jewelry

that’s as spectacular as your accomplishments. Think of it as a wearable award to remind

yourself, every time you put it on, of what you’ve already achieved, and the worlds still

out there for you to conquer. You don’t have to tell anyone else what you won it for. But

you could.

Want to hear what the jewelry insiders are saying on Oscar night? If so, a group

of designers, retailers, and jewelry editors will have a Twitter feed going. If you are on

Twitter, join us! Jump into the conversation using the hashtag below. If not, you can still

follow our commentary by going to search.twitter.com and typing in #oscarjewelry. You

can see my comments by looking for @nwozniak!



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Amie  Fodor (Kaydo)
Amie Fodor (Kaydo)

March 25, 2012

Hello, Natasha. I am looking to have a mothers ring made for myself. I was always a fan of your jewelry, and would love to have you make it. My boys’ birth months are October, December, and January. Congrads on your success!

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