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 When you saw "celebrity," what came to mind? A Kardashian? A starlet on the red carpet? Too often these days, "celebrity" just means someone who is famous for being famous. Let's reclaim the older definition of celebrity: a "celebrated person," and a person who deserves celebrating!

Let me introduce you to one of my collectors, Theresa Rebeck. She has a very big week ahead of her. "Smash," the TV series she wrote, premieres right after the Super Bowl. This is the kind of woman that I'm proud to call my celebrity client. While the contemporary notion of celebrity is all about being in front of the camera or wearing couture dresses on the red carpet, I love to celebrate the way someone like Theresa brings her extraordinary creativity and intelligence to the complex and demanding process behind the camera. As a playwright and a screenwriter, she has been a trailblazer in a male-dominated industry, and an unabashed champion of women in her field.

   Theresa Rebeck at the debut of her play Seminar, with Alan Rickman.
Can you spot a familiar-looking necklace?

I'm honored to have a woman with this combination of drive, brains and creativity  wearing my work. When I'm at my sketchbook or my workbench, I strive to reflect the strength and beauty of women like Theresa.

I'd love to honor more of my clients for the impressive work they do in the world. Is there an achievement or milestone you'd like to celebrate? Tell me what it is!  Include a photo of yourself wearing a piece of my jewelry and I'll put your story in an upcoming newsletter so we can all give you a well-deserved round of applause. 

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