The Magic of You

Posted on May 01, 2014 by Natasha Wozniak | 0 Comments

Hello Tribe,

What?? Tribe?? Well I have to let you in on something, I have started to think of you as a member of my tribe. You see, all signs have been pointing me towards creating something that deeply connects us all together, for which my jewelry is a talisman and a reminder. I have tossed around a few names, something that evokes a mixture of a secret mystical society and the Explorer's Club. I will know it when I find the name, but for now, I just wanted to let you in on my secret.

I recently went to LA for an event called the Instigator Experience. It was designed to help 60 of us bring a bold idea to life, and did it ever deliver on that promise! Beliefs were shifted, paradigms were challenged, and self-doubt exited stage left. 

At one point, I even got up on the stage and declared "Trends are for losers!", as my viewpoint. You can tell I was a rebellious teenager, but under the provocative language lies my true beliefs. Why are trends created? Possibly to make us feel a little insecure about not being up on them? Why would we want to follow them, when we are unique individuals, and we bring our own special mix of talent, experience, and beauty to the world? 

Jewelry is one of humankind's earliest inventions. We were already adorning ourselves with feathers and rocks when we were just learning to tame fire. That ancient instinct is a far more compelling topic than a trend report. Jewelry as talisman. Jewelry capturing the Magic of You. I want to feel you when I look at that piece of jewelry, and not just know that read you Vogue magazine.

This was a lot of philosophy, so for dessert, I am including some of the photos that I have been sharing from my studio lately:
-Lisa Fabrega (we met at the Instigator Experience), shared this photo of herself, wearing her new necklace on a day that she presented at a conference, as there is  a photo I took of the necklace at my studio-

-Some recent custom pieces. Absolutely delicious yellow and rose gold rings with various gems, and a very bold and unusual setting of diamonds in platinum.-

-Finally, I am trying my hand at some simple stone-cutting with the malachite, and Brooklyn is in full bloom!-



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