Transformative Experiences

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My first experience of transformation, I did not ask for. It was the loss of my father at age 13. 

Later, I began to seek out these transformative experiences. The kind that take you and shake you up in ways that you cannot predict or expect. The kind that leave you reeling, yet change you in ways that you are later grateful for.

This picture is from one of those transformative experiences. It was my second time living in Nepal. As a young newlywed, no less. Because sometimes I like all of the changes at once. 

You can't take a a young Midwestern girl, put her in Nepal, and have her come back anything but a little off-kilter. I still never touch people with my foot, and can eat curry with my hand as well as anybody. I also had a new view of love and marriage after seeing arranged marriages up close.

Since a favorite phrase in Nepal is "ke garne", which means "what to do", I had to learn patience and how to complain a lot less. 

Most of the things I learned and saw were indescribable. I tried, telling long elaborate narratives describing customs and ceremonies and conversations, but there is something there that can never be expressed. Much to the frustration of the listener and me.

I am thinking of my time in Nepal.I have been missing it. Maybe there is another transformation for me there, or perhaps I am to help others transform.

I just had another one of these experiences in LA this weekend, and I am wise enough to know that it cannot be articulated. The changes will be evident, and I am grateful to those that shared it with me. Together we know "this really happened".#instigatorexperience #instigatorla



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