A Bittersweet Day

Posted on April 24, 2014 by Natasha Wozniak | 0 Comments

Today is a very bittersweet #tbt This is a picture of my father, when he was a boy. Today, he would have been 74 years old, but we lost him at age 49.

Today is also the birthday of my older brother, and I know that for my dad, that was one if his very happiest days. His first child, arriving on his birthday.

Some of the very best lessons that I learned from him were to treat every person with gentleness, to not be afraid to show people who you really are, and I have the same passionate interest in a wide variety of topics.

At his funeral, I met people that had worked on the factory floor that he managed, 15 years before, that never forgot his kind nature.

Before he died, he was about to start a business, helping small business owners learn computers so that they could manage everything better. In 1989.... I would consider that visionary. 

I miss him so much, and am driven to continue his gentle ways, and to approach my work with the same mix of creativity and vision that he had.



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