Lapis for Communication and a Jewelry Box Remodel

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 As I mentioned a while back, I received a small parcel of lapis from Afghanistan, and I learned that lapis is a stone of clear communication, especially when worn on the neck. This would be a great choice for someone that is drawn to public speaking or has to speak as a consultant.

Three of the pieces of lapis have been claimed for custom design, but I have four left, pictured above, so if you feel a pull to have a piece made, please reach out. All of the women that are having a piece made are remarkable and have an important gift to share with the world. Maybe you are one of them too?

Here is one of the pieces that I completed yesterday:

Jewelry Box Remodel

I also want to share another recent piece, something that was created from what I like to call a Jewelry Box Remodel. I used the client's old gold pieces (can you spot the 18K gold sombrero?), to help her create a new, unique ring.

l to r: the scrap metal, the wax model for the ring, after casting in gold, the ring after setting on my finger and off

She came to me with a ring from her mother that needed a companion, and together we came up with a very contemporary design to go with the vintage band. By using a matching style of stone-setting we could create a nice blend of new and classic.

She now feels connected to her mother, with her own version of the center ring, and we have a circle of the three of us coming together in the form of this ring.

Not just diamonds and gold, is it?

If you have a bunch of unworn jewelry, and you feel the time has come to clear it out, I can help you decide what to do with the metal and gems. In-person appointments are available in NYC, or we can do this by mail/ email. Let me know how I can help

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