Daring in 2014

Posted on January 19, 2014 by Natasha Wozniak | 0 Comments

I posted this image on Facebook, and a few people wondered if I was making a ring out of cheese....


Uh, no. No cheese rings here, even though I am from Wisconsin.

This is a wax carving for a custom ring for me, that will represent my word of 2014, DARING. With my strong conviction that custom jewelry can be a talisman for what a woman or man wants to become in their life, I need to live by those words and make myself a talisman too. 

Why DARING, though? A few people were surprised, because they thought of me as very daring already. Yes, I do train a martial art, and I am willing to go to nearly any country in the world, so from the outside it seems quite daring. However, there is a lot that I have inside that I may be hesitant to share. I have a whole folder of articles and blog posts in my hard drive that I have written and never posted. So, this year, I will wear this ring, and remind myself that the time for holding back is over.

After all, I have some big goals for my business. Creating a community around the idea of jewelry as a tool for empowerment, creating a space where I can welcome my clients and connect one-on-one, and living my mission as a warrior of beauty in the world. The last part, about being a warrior of beauty, is why I choose the ring below as an inspiration for my talisman of daring:


This is a ring from Mughal India, from the 16th century, called an archer's ring. The archer's ring was worn on the thumb to protect it as the string was released. However, this particular ring with elaborate ornamentation was likely never used in that manner. These enameled and bejeweled rings were created to be admired for beauty and craftsmanship. I have been drawn to this ring shape for years and years, and finally decided that there was a purpose to creating a ring with this warrior connotation. 

What does being a warrior mean to me? Well, nothing to do with fighting, but everything to do with being completely committed and not willing to give up on something that is held dear. It also requires the willingness to step out in front. Not an easy task at all. Sometimes raising the white flag of surrender seems like the comfortable path.

As I commit to being this warrior of beauty, I wonder, what do you want to commit to? What jewelry would you wear to remind you of this important mission? Hit reply, I would love to hear what comes to mind. Or, if you feel the call to have this jewelry piece made for you, you can head over here and fill out the custom design form.

Speaking of custom design, I made a few pieces in  November and December that I would love to share:


A ring for a couple that has been together for a long time, and decided to mark the commitment through a non-traditional ring of silver and blue sapphire. We used the Wrought Curl Ring as an inspiration for this customized design.


This bracelet was a gift from mother to daughter, as the daughter completed her nursing degree. I used diamonds and gold that already belonged to mom and we used the daughter's organic style wedding jewelry as an inspiration.


Even though this couple was already married, an engagement ring was never exchanged. I don't think she was expecting this half-carat diamond ring to be under the tree!



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