Superhero Cuff
Superhero Cuff Superhero Cuff

Superhero Cuff

*Will ship after June 1 when I return from Nepal. See for more details* 

Do you ever feel like you need some superhero powers in your life, traits that you can call on to help you be your best self? I designed the Superhero Cuff to help you remember your superpowers. Just glancing at the bracelet will help remind you of your creativity, fearlessness, patience, or any other quality you want to tap into at the moment.

You can choose a stone from the ones in the picture, or make a special request for a stone, depending on the qualities you need to bring forth in your everyday life.

For example:

  • Amethyst-calming
  • Aquamarine-alleviate fears
  • Garnet- Service and manifestation
  • Peridot-prosperity
  • Tourmaline- concentration

 You will also need to provide me with the correct size to make sure that the cuff fits your wrist perfectly, and you can add these to the "special instructions" section of the order.

Here is my video about how to measure your wrist:

Made from sterling silver with a matte finish, or blackened silver with a bright silver accent.

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